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The Absolute Best 100% Payout Program EVER

Hottest 100% Payout Program

Hottest 100% Payout Program

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100 Quick Tips to Generating More Subscribers to Your Email List Pt 2

5. Encourage people who read your posts to write comments—When they
leave a comment, make sure your comment box has them fill in their
email address. This way you’ve begun the relationship immediately.
You’ve started communication with the person and you have their
contact information to stay in touch with them.

6. Tell them what you want them to do—People read your posts and
wonder what to do next. You don’t want them to just click out. Give
them a clear call-to-action message. Tell them to sign up for your
newsletter or ebook. Tell them to subscribe to your posts. Give them
something to do next that will give you their contact information.

7. Don’t clutter your sidebar—Don’t overload with widgets, links,
categories, etc. This can cause it to work against you. Make sure your
signup form is at the top of your sidebar.

8. Make sure your sidebar has these four things—email signup form,
search bar, ads (if you have them) and popular posts.

9. Use pop-ups—People are so used to seeing these now that they simply
type in their name and email address without giving it a second thought.
Some people, however, are annoyed by pop ups. This is where
knowing your target market helps. If you have a market that you feel will
be annoyed, then don’t use them.

10. Include more than one signup form—Not everyone reads every part
of your posts. If you just put your sign up form in one place only, they
might miss it. If you have it in several places, however, you increase the
chance that they will see it and be able to sign up on your list.

11. Offer your readers an incentive to sign up—People love to get things
for free. Giving them free videos, reports, ebooks, or even free gifts of some
sort is a great reason for them to sign up. Make sure your
incentive is relevant and provides value for the person subscribing.

12. Make testimonials available—If someone is debating whether or not
to sign up and they see others like what you have to offer, they’re more
likely to give you a try. Testimonials can be a strong influence. Be
prepared, however, people may leave negative comments. If they do,
use these as a chance to learn how to make your business better.

13. Go half-and-half—Give them half of a post with valuable content and
have them sign up to get the second half. It’s kind of like a cliff-hanger
in post form. Cut it off right at a point where they have to know what the
next thing you have to say is.

14. Offer credentials—This will stress that the information you have to
offer them will be of value to them. It gives you a sense of

15. Craft your welcome message—While this may not truly be a tip to
getting someone’s email address, it certainly is a tip to keeping them on
your list. Your welcome email is their first correspondence with you.
Make it something that will make them glad they registered.

16. Encourage your readers to ask questions—When someone reads
your post, if you encourage them to ask you questions, you can have
them give their name and email for the answer.

Marketing Tool Suite
All inclusive Marketing Tools and Affiliate Program
For more help and resources don’t forget to visit : The Learning Center

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100 Quick Tips to Generating More Subscribers to Your Email List Pt 1

There are a lot of effective ways to build a good strong email list. Which way you choose to do it will depend on the business you operate, and your own personal preferences. The best way to do it is by doing it in a way that works for you. If you try one and it doesn’t work for you, try another. Try many different ways at the same time to do it until you find combination that is effective for you.

There are many methods you can use to build your list. There are also
some things you should do and not do. Below is a compiled list of 100 tips you can use that will help you in growing a quality email contact list that can help your company grow:

1. Ask people for their contact information—You were probably taught as a
child, “If you want something, ask for it.” It’s so simple that a lot of
people forget it. Whether you’re at a trade show and meet the people in
person, or whether it’s online, asking is so simple. Think about it. If
someone reads all of your article, they’re definitely interested. They
must like the way you write, or they would have clicked out. The end of
the article is a perfect place to ask people to sign up.

2. Post “Popular Posts” on your site—This can work two ways. People
may read your post and it may not be what they want. They can see all
your other titles and see something else that does give them what they
want. They may also read your article and think it was good. When
they see you’ve written a lot of other related posts, it will give you a
certain amount of credibility. This may make them want to sign up for
your email newsletter.

3. Give them valuable content—If they read something you post and it’s
valuable to them, they want more. Give them the opportunity to sign up
for more, and they will. On the other hand, give them content that
stinks, and they will never want to look at anything you have to offer

4. Encourage your email readers to reply—Give them a real email address
to reply to. Nothing is more impersonal than getting an email that says
donotreply@leavemealone.com. If you never let them reply, how do you
know if they like what you write, or if they have questions?

More Tips Coming In My Next Post – Be sure to watch for it!!

For More Interactive Tips Like This One, Visit : Wanda’s Business Bootcamp

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Is there anything better than a smile from a child?

If you’re a parent or grandparent, you know the smile from your son or daughter or grandson or granddaughter is pure joy and really there is nothing to compare this to.

Kids love to laugh and they love appreciations of all kinds and there is a new book out that helps to motivate kids while at the same time building their confidence and self esteem.  



There is a new product that helps build confidence, self esteem and motivates children to always do their best.

Complete Package

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Ready To Make More Money From Your Blog?

The questions everyone working online wants to know are:

1) How do I make money online?

2) How quickly can I make money online?

3) How much will it cost me to start making money online?

4) Who is making money online?

5) Where do I start?

We simplified everything for you, get started within 40 seconds of your review.

12 SC includes all the following to our free members

  1.  Autoresponder    
  2. Blog and Blog Article Library
  3.  Ad and Link Tracker    
  4. Clickbank Mall
  5.  Capture Page Creator    
  6. Image Library
  7.  Contact Manager    
  8. Online Video Training Library
  9.  URL Rotator    
  10. Affiliate Program
  11.  SEO Tools    
  12. 12SC Training Videos

Please know that you cannot import or add leads manually into the Autoresponder as that only produces spam. You will use your Autoresponder to grow your list responsibly and legally so you have a very responsive list. 

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It’s Time To Settle Down

One of my recent followers asked me this question, Quote: "Wanda I don't have time to go through all the rick rack of learning videos just to get me a sales funnel setup."

Ok well how did I answer this? Very simply I had to go through the learning process myself, I didn't get to where I am by saying I don't have time to learn, I took the time that's what you have to do, you have to learn the processes of setting up and running a successful business online.

The solution is "It's Time To Settle Down".  Start with a System first.

It's Time To Settle Down

First off, stop buying stuff and think you can get rich overnight.

Running an online business is no different than running an offline store, you have to advertise, promote and work the business and there are processes for doing that.

Today I will set you up with a program that is done for you, and offers everything you could want to start and build a successful business for years to come.

If you would like to know more about what is involved come to my LIVE free meeting room right now and we will discuss this.

Go to Fuzemeeting.com at the top of that page click on join meeting, put in this number 24405167 then enter your name and join as attendee. There is no cost or obligation to join me in the meeting, I'm simply here to support your decision on getting started.

See you in the meeting room.

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12 Second Commute Honest Review





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The Right Way to Promote Affiliate Products on Social Media Sites

When it comes to social media and affiliate marketing, there are several things you need to know. It may seem difficult to combine the best of both worlds, but it is possible. There are several things you can do to make promoting affiliate products on social media sites turn out right.

Service title
All inclusive Marketing Tools and Affiliate Program


First of all, let’s start out by taking a look at social media. What may have just started out as a way to stay connected has taken off in the skyrocketing direction of promotion and marketing as well.

Social media is a great way to promote your product or service. Let’s take a look at social media and how it can benefit your business.

Trial and Error

Unfortunately, the best way to find out what works is to see what doesn’t work. This is so true when it comes to social media. For example, if you take a look at your Facebook posts over the last year, this will give you major insight as to what works and what does not.

We have all had a post that has caused controversy and something we wish we had never said or written for that matter. Sometimes, however, a little controversy is good when it comes to social media. It stirs the pot and gets people thinking.

Also, take a look at your most popular posts. What was it about that post that resonated with so many people? Take that and run with it.

Once you have had a bit of experience with Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook just to name a few, you will be in a more advantageous place to practice promoting your product or service.

Be an Expert

Chances are that your product or service is sold out there in social media land already. Being an expert in your chosen service or product gives you two legs up on the competition. Stretch your imagination and go the extra mile. Do extensive research on your product or service. In this way, when someone on social media has a question, you will have the answer.

Have a Unique Selling Proposition

When you have a unique selling proposition, you solve several problems for your potential client. First, you offer them a solution that they are already seeking and secondly, you inspire them to believe it is in their best interest to check out your product or service.

When it comes to selling on social media, it is a great idea to offer unique, interesting, and even offbeat information about your product rather than push for a hard sell. No one likes to feel they are being sold something.


Last but not least, engage with your audience in a friendly conversational tone. Talk to them and not at them. Engaging with your followers means you care about their needs, are friendly, and genuine.

Authenticity has a way of shining a bright spotlight on your product or service without you looking like you are pushing for a hard sell.

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Increase Your Sales by Writing Effective Copy That Works!

One of the Best Strategies for Generating Successful Sales of Your Products and/or Services is Learning to Write Effective Copy That Will Arouse a Favorable Response From Your Target Market

All of us have come across copy in ads or on websites that are just downright confusing or outright boring.  And when we do, we seldom buy … or even finish more than a few lines for that matter! In order to excite your potential customers into action, copy needs to be fresh, clear, dynamic, and interesting.  It also needs to speak directly to the readers, overflowing with a life and movement that will sweep them along with your presentation.  As they read, if that copy is written correctly and directed at the right market, the words should ignite a fire in their soul for what you have to offer.

Writing powerful copy is an art, a skill, that can make the difference between success and failure in almost any business.  With our valuable eBook Copywriting Strategies Explained, we want to show you how you can prepare copy that will re-energize your own business.  This includes revealing all of our copywriting strategies to you so that you reap the benefits of this priceless skill, using that knowledge to generate increased sales of your products and/or services.  The bottom line is we want to help you learn copywriting techniques that will improve your business profitability.

Learn all about copywriting and more by following the links provided.

Every moment of delay is a loss of potential revenue and another day for your competition to snatch away your market share.  Patience is sometimes a virtue, but in business it can be devastating if the perfect opportunity is there for you to take and you choose to procrastinate.

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All Inclusive Tool Center


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A Crowdsourced Curated Database of the Best Educational Tools and Learning Apps: GEDB

See on Scoop.itSocial Media Tips, News, Resources

See on www.gedb.org

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