Challenges and Striving To Succeed

imagesIn life, winning is not the years of earning but rather how you
adapted to the circumstances that made you a winner.
The strongest and the smartest does not necessarily imply that
they are the ones to last. Sometimes it takes more than that and
something called adaptability.
Should you encounter various challenges, the only thing that
can bog you down is the inability to accept change.
Life in its own way comes with changes that we need to
embrace. It’s those who fail to accept change that gets left behind in
the race of life.

imagesAny successful organization is made up of people who are
capable of adapting to change.
Most individuals see opportunity as a rare occasion. Versatile
individuals on the other hand, see the change as the spark of new


imagesCircumstances that you have to endure in life can be redirected
as favorable events if you have the ability to adapt.
Like water in a vessel, a wise person adapts to the
circumstances that surrounds him.
When you let go of what you are, you will open the doors to
what more you could be.
Life has many mountains to climb. Do not falter if you fall
because the journey in life is the reward for your hardships.

imagesIf you wish to be successful, you need to develop habits that will help
you get there.
Think positive even if you are faced with a lot of difficulties.
Hope will help you get through and it can give you strength to pursue
your dreams.
Apart from thinking positively, your actions must also be positive.
Anybody can become successful. You just have to be focused in
achieving your goals.

Successful individuals spend their time wisely and if you want to be
like them, then you should do to.
Be open minded and calm especially when faced with difficulties.
This will help you make the right decisions.

imagesDon’t make excuses. This is only for people who are either lazy or
too scared. If you wish to be successful, you need to act on it.
Achieving success does not only rely on doing things for your own
Without hard work, you can never expect to become a successful
Make sure that you are always in good physical shape. This will help
as it is going to be the source of your energy. Without it, you cannot
do all the things that you want to do and if ever you try, you might not
do it properly.
Live a life with a principle and do things to achieve success by
conforming to a set of constructive principles.

Learn About Making Money From Home –

This is about making money on the internet from home, there is no great mystery to making money on the internet. It all boils down to one thing, the key to your success online, learning the ability to build a list of contacts, but how do you build a list online?

Let’s start with the basics

1 You need to have something to sell
2 You need to have someone to sell things to
3 You need to have a website to sell things from
4 You’ve got to have a way to capture the contact information of the people on the internet, this is called a lead capture page
5 You’ve got to have a way to contact potential clients business partners
you’ve got to have a way to connect with these people this is called
an auto responder but why should people subscribe to your list
well that’s where number six comes into play
6 This is your offer, you’ve got to have something to offer to people to start to develop a relationship with.

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Hottest 100% Payout Program
Hottest 100% Payout Program

Does Safelist Advertising Really Work

Does Safe list advertising really work?
Safelist have been one of the more effective means that I have used.

It doesn’t take a lot of time generally speaking, it’s free and it does generate some traffic.

So what is a Safe list?
Basically it’s a membership site that allows members to exchange emails with each other and what that means is, as you sign up as a member and you’ll receive emails from other members and vice versa you’ll be able to send emails as well, and that eliminates the spam problem you potentially have using, say solo ads and those other type things.

So there’s a few different types of safelists but the ones I’m using right now are generally speaking credit-based and they’re mostly free and I’ll get to that a little bit later, but what it is, you receive emails with a link to click on and when you click that link you earn credits, and in turn, you use those credits to send an email to the list.

How many safe lists are there?
There is probably thousands, I’ve never look to be sure, I turn them over, I don’t wanna say frequently, but I’m constantly looking at what kind of results I’m getting from the individual lists, and I probably have about 200 on a spreadsheet now, and I’ll occasionally look at some that I’ve used before that weren’t as effective and go back and try them again, eventually I do move them onto a list, where I kinda call it, (a do not fly list) I won’t use them anymore.

And as I said, most are free, some of the safelists have actual upgrades that you can do to a pro or elite membership, that gives you added benefits which involve some of them, you can email the list every seven days, but you can only send to a thousand members, so if you upgrade in some of them which are, yearly it’s not real expensive, but the upgrade allows you to send to more people, around three to five thousand people and then you can send more frequently every three days instead of every seven days.

So here are some tips:

Like most advertising on the Internet, content creation, videos, whatever it takes consistency in testing, so what I would do, is start out joining 10 lists, this will give you a good, you know you can join five whatever, but that’ll give you a good feeling for what they are, how they work, make sure you create tracking links to track where clicks are coming from and also your opt-ins, and I would say test the safelists for 30 to 60 days before you join another one, so those ten, I would try them out for  30 to 60 days, if you can handle more, join more, don’t stop, but it gives you a good starting point, and a good method to track, so I, generally speaking, I track mine for 90 to 120 days, rotating around to see if some have gotten better or I’ll also go out to Google and say you know what’s the best safelist, just look it up in and that’s a good way to do it to, if you don’t get any results, meaning no opt-ins, all you’re getting is clicks you’re not making any sales, I would put the safelist on hold add some more and keep churning that.

I have a list of about 20 that I get consistent results with there’s more and I mail more of them, but I have about 20 that get me between five and ten leads a day when the mailings are sent out, so that doesn’t mean I’m getting that many leads every day, but when I do send out each one of the lists, over a period of time it’s averaging out to about five to 10 leads a day some days I’ll get more some days I’ll get less.

  • Make sure you set up two gmail accounts. This is really important.
    One for your list emails (you will get tons from this list)
    One for your contact email

Alot of affiliate programs and things like that lately have been suggesting everybody use gmail, and the main reason there is because of Yahoo and some of the other email providers, the emails get blocked.

I have one list that I’m on, somebody will tell me I got an email, I’ll look and I haven’t received it, so I’ve been switching over to Gmail myself so you’ll set up two email addresses in a safelist, one just for the actual list for where all those emails will go, and you will get a ton, some of the lists, I get over 100 emails a day, so you want to make sure you have a list that’s just like called a throw away list. You wanna make sure you have a list that’s just for the list emails that are sent out, and then you set up a contact email and that’s where the safelist will send you updates and If somebody signs as a affiliate with you, you’ll get an email there.

Don’t get frustrated, it does take some time when I started out with them I was spending a few hours a day, clicking, emailing getting used to how those work, there is little bit a management involved but, it’s not overly complicated, each safelist is a little different, I’m not gonna talk about individual safelists, but try it out, right now it takes me about less than 20 minutes a day to actually do this.

There are some automation tools as well, I’m using one right now that actually clicks the emails for me I’m not going to get into detail there but that has been a huge time saver for me.

And here’s the thing, you come home from work or whatever and you’re gonna watch TV, just take your phone or your laptop and sit there and click it’s kinda mindless, there’s not a lot of thinking involved you’ll get the email there’s a link in it, just sit there and click, that’s what I did, I’d just be sitting watching the news or something and just click on the emails, and then also, one interesting thing is consider testing some of them, for the paid solo ads, that they offer, a few of the company’s offer’s, you can sign up and you can send to 10,000 people for seven bucks or something like that, and then some of them have good paid versions, if you’re getting some decent results with some of the of the safelists, sign up for their paid versions as well, because if you upgrade your account you can send to more people and also some of them also offer a number of solo ads you can do a month.

Increase Your Free Traffic Using SEO

250_x_250If you want to increase free traffic to your website, you need to take advantage of SEO – it’s no game, SEO is serious stuff when it comes to doing it right and ensuring you enjoy the benefits of increased traffic flow.

You need to create content that your readers want to read – content that has value. In that content you need to make sure that it is search engine optimized. We don’t mean stuffing keywords, but making sure your keywords are used in a natural flow at a rate of about 2% in your content.

Any links you place in your content should be from trusted sites. Even as a new website, there are natural links you can still obtain that are legitimate and recognized by Google and other search engines as acceptable. Don’t make the mistake of choosing links that are questionable just so that you have links in your content. You are better off to not have links than you are to have poor links.

When you add images make sure that you fill in the image attributes. Pictures do more than dress up the page. The details like caption, title, description and alternate text are important to the search engine. Don’t keyword cram but to make sure your keyword(s) are included in your image attributes. Remember some people will search using Google image search rather than text search and if your image(s) are highly visible you are likely to bring more traffic to your site through this resource.

Diversify your internal anchor links is also important. These are the links on your page that the search engines will find when they crawl your site. Finally, make sure your pages have at least 250 words, use fonts that are easy to read and headlines to help divide your page and make it easier to read.

Google will deem good content search worthy and proper use of SEO will help you to place higher in the search engines. Good content with good SEO equals increased traffic to your site.