How To Make Use of the Email Autoresponder

550 If you already have a blog going, the second best time to build your autoresponder is today.

Do you need help understanding how the autoresponder works? How about it? Do you have an autoresponder in place right now? Do you need help setting one up?
If so, does it have the kind of content that’s going to turn your readers into raving fans?
Are you happy with the number of messages in your sequence, or do you think you could extend it a little and deliver even more value?

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My First 10 Steps to Understanding the AutoResponder

1. Auto responders have become an essential marketing tool. It can be used to maintain a client database and also to send out periodic broadcast emails which are an automated process when you use an auto responder.

2. These automatic emails which are sent out through the auto responder can increase your market share beyond what you can even think of. It can help in generating passive income as well as maintain a list of clients who are attached with your business.

3. You can easily combine affiliate programs with auto responders and make them work according to your choice. You can promote an affiliate product through a sequence of auto responder mails.

4. The most important thing to keep in mind while writing a marketing email within the auto responder is to make the subscribers feel valued and make your emails high quality and rich in content.

5. Focus on the products you want to market. No doubt, the auto responders automate the hectic process of forwarding emails, but it is your job to make sure that the content of the email is appropriate and relates directly to product you want to market.

6. The primary aim of your auto responded email should be to market your own product and provide value information about your business. But occasionally you can include a soft sell link within your email that attracts the subscribers and generates you a passive income.

7. Once your affiliate program kick starts, these soft sell links can be made frequent and they can work wonders by generating a stream of passive income for you. The frequency of such links can be and should be carefully decided such as the subscriber does not mind seeing the link and clicking it.

8. The popularity of the auto responded emails are directly proportional to the content that you use in them. Obviously, you want more and more readers to subscribe and you should decide the material accordingly. Tell the subscribers what’s in your business for them and why should they join in.

9. Passive income that you generate from your auto responders may not be considerable but it should keep things interesting as the flow will be continuous. You can also expect a few sales from the affiliate marketing initially which is your main objective.

10. Don’t be frustrated if you don’t receive any or less income through affiliate promotions. Subscribers’ try and test your products through reviews and others sources and it is a time consuming process. Do not worry; you will eventually start cashing in sooner or later.


Do You Have High Work Ethics – Are You An Action Taker

Are you an action taker? or do you have lack of focus and feel like your always out to sea? You cannot focus, and have lost all concentration in your business?

Are you in a business that cares? That devotes all their time to helping you succeed? Do you do your part by “taking action on a daily basis” with everything your company offers you? 

Are you confused? Do you need a new approach? What are you lacking?

Trust me my friend I have been there, but I didn’t give up or quit! I surrounded myself with positive successful people who are motivated and are successful, and it took time to do this but the reason I do this is because “positive people and successful people” tend to lean toward “positive angles” even in the most distressing moments.


1. What do you like doing that you are passionate about
2. What is your real passion
3. Setting up specific goals

Can you feel it? Taste it? Smell it? See it? I’m talking about real
“Success in your business”

Are you an action taker? Don’t quit that is the main thing, don’t give up, try new ideas, tweak what you already have and put it together in a way that suites you and will work for you. Take Action Daily







5 Real-World Ideas to Promote Your URL

Promoting your website online is terrific but there are actually are some reasons that you should promote it offline as well.


PromotionPromoting your website online is terrific but there are actually are some reasons that you should promote it offline as well. You can get quite a bit of traffic by promoting offline, depending on what your URL actually is and how you advertise it. Obviously, you need to generate some interest with the way that you’re distributing your URL. When you have the perfect set up, here are five real-world ideas to get the word out there.

1. Put your URL on all of your business cards. Even if you don’t have business cards normally, make up some business cards. If you already have business cards that don’t feature your URL, have some new ones made. The cost will be worth it.

2. Print your message on a few T-shirts and sweatshirts for you and your family members along with your URL and then wear them around town. Again, you need to give them a reason to visit the URL, but if you can do that you will drive quite a bit of traffic to your site from right there in your own city or town.

3. Another thing that you can do along this same vein is to put your URL and your message on the side of your vehicle. In fact, put it on both sides if you can manage it. This will cost some money and a will mean that you’ll be stuck with advertising on your vehicle for a while but it will be worth it if you can drive a great deal of traffic to your website that will convert into customers.

4. Put your URL somewhere where a lot of people will see it. For example, advertising on bus benches is surprisingly inexpensive for the benefit that you’ll get. In fact, you might even consider a small billboard if you can get a good deal on one. Look for ways to maximize your exposure while minimizing your costs.

5. Set up a referral program. Get people in your town to refer others to your website so that they’ll get a discount or something for free. In fact, you don’t even need to do it just in your own town. You can have your customers anywhere advertise in the real world and give them a discount or free item when they refer someone. Referral programs are popular among retailers and e-commerce merchants because they work.

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How to Build And Manage an Email List

One of the things that you can do to get people to come back to your website after they visit or after they purchase something from you, is to get them to sign up for your mailing list.


emaillistOne of the things that you can do to get people to come back to your website after they visit or after they purchase something from you, is to get them to sign up for your mailing list. That way, you can remind them every once in a while about your products or services, and they may come back and buy something else from you, or simply read your blog or articles if that’s what your goal is. Here are some tips to help you manage a mailing list to be most effective.

First, make it as simple as possible for them to sign up for the mailing list. Ideally all they should have to do is enter their email address. You may want to get more information from them but simpler is better. Obviously, if they are buying something from you they may have to provide more information. However, websites that require registration before purchase see poor results. So, if you can collect their email address on their way to purchase something – but not require registration – and if you can collect their email address on your front page even if they don’t buy something, you’ll have the perfect mailing list setup.

You want to give them a good reason to sign up for your mailing list as well. Obviously, if you tell them that they are signing up to be reminded to come back and buy something later on, not very many people are going to sign up. But if you offer them something valuable that they’ll get together providing you with their email address, something that they would never get ordinarily, then you’ll have much greater success using them to sign up.

Finally, only send out emails to your mailing list when you have something really valuable to offer them. If you start sending them emails all the time and they get sick of seeing your name in their inbox, they’re going to hit the unsubscribe button and they will no longer be on your mailing list. Make sure that you have something substantial that you’re emailing them about, such as a major discount or promotion – or even a contest that you’re running – so that when your email does arrive they know that it’s going to be something good and they’ll read it and possibly even follow through with a visit to your website or a purchase.

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Using Incentives The Right Way


INCENTIVESIncentives can be an excellent tool for generating more subscribers but unfortunately, they can also be damaging to your list for a number of reasons.

Some marketers advise against using eBooks for instance. Why? Because there is a danger than an eBook can be seen as taking up too much time for the reader. How many people are actually likely to read all the way through an eBook? And by the end of that, are they going to want more of your content or will they be all burned out?

Another risk when giving away free eBooks, is that you can end up with a lot of subscribers who are hunting for freebies. This is bad news, because it means that you can end up with people grabbing the book and then unsubscribing or never reading your message again.

For this reason, the smaller option of the report might actually be a better strategy. Whereas an eBook takes time, a report should save time for your readers.

But you’ll still find that this creates some of the same problems – especially if you’re paying for advertising or SEO.

And that’s why you can consider getting a little more creative with your incentives.
Ideally, you want to make your e-mail itself the incentive.

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Do You Get Frustrated Easily?


frustratedDon’t be frustrated if you don’t receive any or less income through affiliate promotions. The subscribers’ first try and test your products through reviews and others sources and it is a time consuming process. Do not worry; you will eventually start cashing in sooner or later.

Get Your Own Autoresponder Today!

Change the look of your auto responded emails time and again. Subscribers don’t think highly of a stagnant look. Customize the emails and make them interesting content wise as well as feature wise. Good looking emails attract more customers and can help in generating a high affiliate income.

Multiple exposures to a product are required for the customers to finally buy it. High marketing skills can be quite important when you going to sell your services through auto responded emails. Provide exposures to your quality products again and again to the readers so that they are finally convinced to buy your product and seal the deal.

Auto responders can be implemented with any idea. The thing is that your idea has to be unique enough to attract the readers otherwise; there is no use of using auto responders. You can even begin an online teaching class through auto responder emails.

Just set the all the emails lessons and configure the auto responder for the time and date settings. Provide sufficient interval between two successive lessons. If the readers like your lessons, you will be showered with an excellent affiliate income and also a generous passive income.

If you have built a successful reader resource, try running multiple affiliate promotions. Try to analyze and figure out the list of readers you can separate for various promotions. Such a stride can help you boost your income and also the client base if your promotions are suitable to your readers.

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